vendredi, mai 25, 2007

The pages of vacation

(Post written in english because I felt like doing so...)

I guess vacations have always been a prime time to get down and drown into some good reading. That may sound redunkulous after spending 8 months in textbooks but it feels good to actually have the time to enjoy some quality letterature.

When I was younger, someone told me that reading is the best escape. And true this statement was! I recall that I would anxiously wait for June to roll in and enroll in the Summer Read-A-Thon hosted by the neighborhood library. Instead of hangin' out and going shopping like the other kids, I would be found in the library, reading, browsing and filling out my reading log. For every 10 books read, I would get a prize. If I reached my goal by the end of the summer, I would get the grand prize. One year, my goal was something like 50 books. Not kids books- novels. I remember that it was that same summer that I read ALL the "Little house on the prairie books" including the stories from Laura's great great grandmother to Rose's books. I also read all the ''Anne of green gable'' books too. With all of those, I easily reached my 50 books by August 31.

Now, after reading ''The Freedom writer's diary'', I wanted to know more on the books that changed the lives of the youth in room 203. The books read by those students are all diaries too. They started with Anne Frank's diary, then turned to Durango street. They also read The Color Purple, the Wave and Zlata's diary.

Currently, I'm reading a new book written by Zlata Filipovic. It's called Stolen voices and it's a collection of war diaries from WW1 to the Irak conflict (1914-2006). The astounding point is that all the teens who wrote those diaries all mention that war took their innoncence away and that ''they couldn't be kids no more''. It gets my 2 thumbs up!

Other then that, I'm picking up classics again just like when I was in high school. I started to read ''The Color Purple'', a book written in a thick southern drawl. Hopefully, I can understand it since I'm used to it. I have previously read some in To kill a mockingbird and in Of mouse and men. Thankfully, I won't have to do a book report on this one. I can read it causually in a span of 7-10days (it ain't that long- around 300 pages or so).

Of course, the ''big mama'' of my summer reading will be the last Harry Potter book- Deadly Hallows. I can hardly anticipate my reaction at the last page...oh! The wait sucks! I'm not waiting for the french version either!

So that's that. Call me a bookworm, because that's the truth!

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