dimanche, janvier 27, 2008

THE best thing since a lot of things

Oh Peter, you did it this time hin hin hin hinhinhinhinhin

You made me appreciate Star Wars better then Acadieman dans ''La war dés étoiles'' although la fight pour la galaxie chiac était quite something...down with l'Académie Française (If you don't have an idea of what I'm saying, please walk to the Librairie Acadienne and purchase Acadieman: Season Deusse widescreen right away and watch it. Only 28,99$).Ok. I admit it. I fell asleep through All the Star Wars I've seen so far... # 5 and #6 then #1 and #2...yeah, let's say that watching Star Wars in a crowded ''amphithéatre'' (it's THE name of the auditorium of my old school) because it was too rainy to go outside just sucked, especially when you're 10 and addicted to corporate playgrounds. Sorry if I was too girly to appreciate space ships and robots...(that has changed, haha...)

But take something that is big, fat and hilarious and mix it with something that is even bigger and larger.....you end up with something awfully big like Blue Harvest. Here's the trailer so you
can start believing me...

Isn't it AMAZING (well at least, entertaining?) Go buy it, rent it whatever! Watch this! This is essential popculture even more essential then itune's latest playlist!!!

Here's another favorite Family Guy moment that aired 2 weeks ago, it was priceless...HIGH SCHOOL PARODY, by Stewie (who else) and oh! The Fresh Prince parody is very good too!

Seth McFarlane, please don't stop the good times!

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